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Global Support and Website Overhaul for international shipping brand

Charles Taylor plc

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We are proud to work with these fantastic brands...

NHS Scotland

Creating innovative solutions to support healthcare professionals

As a digital healthcare partner with the NHS, we have two solutions that aim to increase patient satisfaction, reduce the workload of clinicians, and save the NHS money. Tailored Talks, our presentation platform, is enabling clinicians to access bespoke and specialist information at the click of a button, to put into a bespoke presentation for patients. Tailored Talks is currently being used in partnership with NHS Lothian and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, to help patients as they are coming out of an Intensive Care Unit after having COVID-19. It will ensure the patient and their family is given the correct and specific bespoke information that is relevant to them, both when they are in hospital and when they return home.

Digital Healthcare

CORGI HomePlan

UK-wide brand website support

Following an introduction in early 2018, we developed a strong relationship with Corgi HomePlan. We now support the UK-wide brand with full website support for upgrades and maintenance.

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Hey Girls

Helping support period friendly work places and free period products

We really are too excited about this project - it's coming soon. Hey Girls are a 'buy one, donate one' social enterprise with the aim of eradicating period poverty in the UK and beyond. Any time a customer buys a Hey Girls product, they will donate one to someone who is unable to afford it. We were approached in 2019 to build a mobile application for their My Period app, to help people in need of free period products on a map.

Royal Bank of Scotland/Natwest

CJM Agile Playbook and Saving App Design Sprint

The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the reasons for Pogo Studio's success. When the business first started in 2016, we were accepted into the accelerator (then known as Entrepreneurial Spark), to help us shape and grow the business. It is through that relationship with the bank, and the people we met there, that we were able to pitch for and win the agile playbook app. This app was to be used to coach bank staff about how to apply the agile methodology to their projects and ways of thinking.

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“Working with Pogo Studio has been a great experience. They created a website that is eye-catching and engaging. They listened carefully to our brief, were attentive and gave us lots of ideas and suggestions, delivering a flexible website that we can maintain and keep up to date."
Obesity Action Scotland
"Pogo provided GUI designs for Version 4 of our business software "Eikos", a web-based application for project management in the oil and gas industry. We selected Pogo after an extensive UK-wide search; it was clear to us that our project was very demanding for any of the companies on our ITT. Pogo won our order with a high quality proposal, backed up with a first pass at redesigning one of our screens. The final results from the project are first class and have fully met our requirements. The deliverables included multiple new screens supported with HTML and CSS. Building on such an established design was demanding because we needed to balance familiarity with significant GUI improvements and technical constraints. Pogo have delivered an excellent piece of work, we will be returning to them with our next project and can recommend them to others."
"Our company had undergone a project to restructure our brand architecture and create a new brand style. This needed to be reflected on our existing website in the most cost and time efficient way – to deliver the impact of a rebrand, but without building a new site. The two key elements of this were to reconfigure the site navigation to be consistent with the new brand architecture, and to reskin the site so that it demonstrated the new brand style. The project was complex, with different stakeholders involved, and tight timescales to deliver against. Pogo took the complications in their stride and managed to adapt to the moving goalposts. The website has received very positive feedback, and Pogo have also been available for ongoing snags as we start to work with the new site."
Charles Taylor plc