Designing, architecting, building and deploying web and mobile solutions across multiple platforms.

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We’re great at asking the right questions and really listening to help you to discover the exact problem you’re looking to solve. Collaboratively we’ll then explore potential digital solutions to best meet your business needs.


Our design team has built beautiful and user-friendly products for almost every sector and comes with decades of experience. We will hold a scoping and discovery session to help bring your ideas to life.


We have a talented team of app, website and platform developers who will help craft the correct solution before building a project tailored to your exact requirements.


To ensure that your project really does succeed we not only design and build amazing websites, platforms and apps; we also offer a range of support packages to ensures that your finished product stays awesome.

NHS Scotland

Transforming the way patients receive medical information

Our flagship digital healthcare product, Tailored Talks, enables clinicians to share personalised information with patients, in the format of accessible, easy-to-digest slide presentations that can be easily tailored to include only the information that’s relevant to the individual. 

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Helping 100 million people age well

Goldster are a healthy ageing subscription service that aims to help 50+ users to maintain and improve their mental/physical health and wellbeing by providing live and recorded classes online with professional presenters. They have over 450 daily classes, celebrity presenters and discussion groups connecting users across the UK.

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Scottish Schools Education Research Centre

SSERC is a Not for Profit organisation which aims to engage young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) via a range of professional learning offers for educators and a growing portfolio of winder STEM engagement programmes.

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Charles Taylor plc

Web strategy for international shipping brand

Charles Taylor is one of the leading insurance service providers in the world. Hiring over 3000 staff in over 100 countries, they provide the gold standard of insurance management services and are widely regarded as market leaders in the sector.

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Fischy Music

Nurturing the emotional and social wellbeing of children.

Fischy Music is a child-centred and creative charity, they nurture the emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of children through song. Within the education sector in Scotland and across the UK they are legendary. If you've got primary age kids (or grown-up ones), they will all be familiar with Fischy Music assemblies and teaching aids.

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The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the reasons for Pogo Studio's success. When the business first started in 2016, we were accepted into the accelerator (then known as Entrepreneurial Spark), to help us shape and grow the business. It is through that relationship with the bank, and the people we met there, that we were able to pitch for and win the agile playbook app. This app was to be used to coach bank staff about how to apply the agile methodology to their projects and ways of thinking. 

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We are amazing

So we keep getting told.

From the moment we met the Pogo team, we knew they shared our passion for achieving social change. Working with them on our app was a fabulous experience and we could not be happier with the results. Their great work on our app is helping make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people in Scotland. We would not hesitate in recommending their services to any other business.
The HeyGirls Team

Working with Pogo Studio has transformed the way that the award is delivered. The website has received consistently positive feedback from our users who appreciate its engaging, user-friendly interface that is accessible, secure and functional. As well as development, Pogo have been excellent in supporting training for staff on using the website and are always quick to make changes to the platform as suggested by our team and our users. Due to the website’s success, we are starting a new development project to automate some of our administrative processes using the platform, and I look forward to seeing continued success of the website with Pogo’s support.
Jamie Menzies, Programme Manager, SSERC

"As part of a organisational shift in the way we work and introducing agile across the business, we wanted create a mobile first web application which we could share with our colleagues. We wanted the web app to provide articles/guides and videos which we could share with our business colleagues as a means of providing support and information at the right time. Even now, when we decided to optimised for desktop, they have provided expert support, guidance and quick delivery. All of which suited our needs perfectly as we wanted to deliver incrementally and learn fast from our end users. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

"Our company had undergone a project to restructure our brand architecture and create a new brand style. This needed to be reflected on our existing website in the most cost and time efficient way – to deliver the impact of a rebrand, but without building a new site. The two key elements of this were to reconfigure the site navigation to be consistent with the new brand architecture, and to reskin the site so that it demonstrated the new brand style. The project was complex, with different stakeholders involved, and tight timescales to deliver against. Pogo took the complications in their stride and managed to adapt to the moving goalposts. The website has received very positive feedback, and Pogo have also been available for ongoing snags as we start to work with the new site."
Charles Taylor plc

The Young STEM Leader Programme is a leadership award accessed by young people and educators in schools and communities across Scotland. Pogo Studio have supported the Young STEM Leader Project Team at SSERC to develop a new, bespoke, smart and incredibly powerful online platform; all the while, their staff have been superb to work with, provide fresh ideas and solutions to the ongoing project work. Pogo presented their design model to us back in 2019 and were selected due to their forward thinking and creative approach. Now, the Young STEM Leader Programme is operational across all of Scotland and beyond, with over 5,000 young people and 1,400 Tutor Assessors all over Scotland using the platform with great success.”
Graeme Rough, Head of STEM Programmes, SSERC

“Working with Pogo Studio has been a great experience. They created a website that is eye-catching and engaging. They listened carefully to our brief, were attentive and gave us lots of ideas and suggestions, delivering a flexible website that we can maintain and keep up to date."
Obesity Action Scotland

"Pogo provided GUI designs for Version 4 of our business software "Eikos", a web-based application for project management in the oil and gas industry. We selected Pogo after an extensive UK-wide search; it was clear to us that our project was very demanding for any of the companies on our ITT. Pogo won our order with a high quality proposal, backed up with a first pass at redesigning one of our screens. The final results from the project are first class and have fully met our requirements. The deliverables included multiple new screens supported with HTML and CSS. Building on such an established design was demanding because we needed to balance familiarity with significant GUI improvements and technical constraints. Pogo have delivered an excellent piece of work, we will be returning to them with our next project and can recommend them to others."


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