The Pogo journey began back in 2014 when our Managing Director Jack Francis spent an evening with a friend and two bottles of red wine, planning a social media app called Bounce It based on the concept of the six degrees of separation. 

By 2016 Bounce It had become a reality, and the first four members of the Pogo team were in place; and co-founders Jack and Neil Francis, Darren Wilson and Lee Jackson had secured funding from investors to explore and develop the Bounce It idea. 

In the meantime, Jack had secured on the Entrepreneurial Spark incubator programme, which provided him with coaching and mentoring, supporting him to grow the company into a young digital agency, Pogo Studio, which quickly found its feet providing stylish, bespoke websites and apps for clients such as RBS, Charles Taylor and Fischy Music.

By the spring of 2020 we were ready to evolve again, and we developed a new product in partnership with NHS Lothian and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. Tailored Talks has played a key role in NHS Lothian’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and is set to grow throughout NHS Scotland as part of the drive to improve the quality of medical information for patients. Pogo Digital Health has a number of exciting projects in progress, including the My Covid App which will interact with Tailored Talks to support patients with their recovery from Long Covid, and Care Calendar – a ward management platform that will support the delivery of high-quality care in hospitals.  

Now a highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary team of 12 colleagues, Pogo Studio has ambitious growth and investment plans for the next five years and beyond.  

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