Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the reasons for Pogo Studio's success. When the business first started in 2016, we were accepted into the accelerator (then known as Entrepreneurial Spark), to help us shape and grow the business. It is through that relationship with the bank, and the people we met there, that we were able to pitch for and win the agile playbook app. This app was to be used to coach bank staff about how to apply the agile methodology to their projects and ways of thinking. 

The Challenge

To build an easy to use, content managed mobile application for the Royal Bank of Scotland, to help coach their staff to work in a more agile manner.

The Outcome

After a week of scoping and design, we were able to nail down the exact requirements the innovations team was looking for. The result was a hybrid web application, with a content-managed back-end and beautiful designs.

Since launching the hybrid web-application the solution has been rolled out internally within The Royal Bank of Scotland providing their employees with an elegant way to learn and better understand Agile Methodology. The project has been a huge success and we are thrilled with how things turned out.


What we used...

Umbraco, InVision

Client's thoughts

Pogo Studio were chosen because they are situated on-site within Gogarburn and also their background in delivering digital solutions. And they have been excellent throughout our project.

Even now, when we decided to optimised for desktop, they have provided expert support, guidance, and quick delivery. All of which suited our needs perfectly as we wanted to deliver incrementally and learn fast from our end users.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.