Soultek Recruitment

Website Design and Build

Soultek came to us with a website which felt very much like a 'traditional' recruitment website - clunky, dated and if we are honest, a little uninspiring. They wanted a website to properly reflect their core value - being able to find the hidden talents in people. This is where the 'tech heroes' were born, a series of unlikely superheroes with powers that go against the grain.

"Pogo were involved in all aspects of the development process, helping with design ideas and ensuring that the site was built with the user experience in mind. Their technical advice and support was invaluable and has made our life so much easier – allowing us to have a website that we can control and administer ourselves without having to rely on third parties to make changes. They were extremely responsive, helpful and the switch over from old website to new was seamless. We are delighted with the new website and would recommend Pogo Studio and Darren Wilson in particular as a great partner to any business looking to engage with a design studio."

Kate McClorey
Managing Director

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