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Xamarin App

We were introduced to Gavin through another digital agency in Edinburgh (the power of networking!). Early in 2018, we met Gavin and heard about the idea which he had been developing for a year or two. The app’s idea was to try and reduce the amount of times people had to go to the doctors by giving them daily tasks to keep their health in check.

The app was to be split into 6 sections – back, obesity, diabetes, heart, mental and general wellbeing. Each of these sections would have a list of tasks which a user could add to their day’s list. Completing these tasks would help the user reach their overall health goal.

We built this app using Xamarin, and it was the first app we exclusively used Xamarin for. We loved designing and building this app, and Gavin had these kind words to say about us;

"Pogo Studio are the first developers I've worked with (and I've worked with a few) who are producing what I asked for, in the agreed timescale, at a fair price. They are a great mix of enthusiasm and experience, and I look forward to continuing to work with them."

We are excited to see how Active X Health grows in the future!

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