What actually is digital healthcare, and why is it important?

By: Annabel Hudson

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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Digital healthcare  has the power to save lives, improve our health and aid sustainable healthcare. Essentially, digital health involves merging digital technologies with the healthcare field, through incorporating software, hardware and services. Digital healthcare tends to be an umbrella term, which incorporates many different aspects, including mobile health apps, wearable devices, personalised medicine, electronic medical records, and so forth.


Why is it important?

The aims of the digital health industry are diverse and complex: preventing the development and creation of disease, helping monitor and manage chronic illness, lowering the cost of healthcare provisions and personalising medicine to  meet individual needs. It has been stated that the aims of the digital health industry are interesting due to the benefits they offer for both patients and healthcare providers.


Data gathered through digital health technologies will eventually allow for individuals to improve their lifestyle and contribute to good health for longer through providing the opportunity for individuals to monitor their everyday health. Subsequently, leading to less demand for medical treatment. Additionally, digital health is providing medical professionals with tools to identify and prevent new illnesses and stop the worsening of existing ones. Digital health enables doctors to step in earlier during the course of disease and effectively, shortens the length of disease, or helps ease symptoms before they really take hold.


Medical inequalities are still extremely prevalent, especially in remote areas. Telemedicine (a form of digital healthcare) offers remote medical services using information and communication technologies. Thus, serving people in isolated areas who may not otherwise have access to medical care. Additionally, this also allows for the promotion of health literacy and healthy behaviours, which ultimately will contribute to reducing inequalities in health.  


Digital health has the power to not only improve the quality of life, but also reduce the reduce the costs of ones healthcare over their lifetime. Here at Pogo Studio we have developed an abundance of knowledge on digital health through the development of our medical technology platform Tailored Talks.


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