Trends to expect in web and app development in 2021

By: Annabel Hudson

Monday, January 04, 2021

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2020 saw some new and exciting trends in the app and development world, including; a huge increase in the use of mobile wallets and payments, a much greater use of augmented reality and the voice search for many search engines. Although these trends will still very much stay relevant in the upcoming years, there is a number of new trends to expect within web and app development in 2021, let’s take a look at what they are:


Progressive web applications (PWA’s) will begin to replace mobile apps

PWA’s make it possible for websites to load quickly and work offline. They recreate the traditional in-app experience within a web browser, and also simplify the jobs of developers as they do not need to build a native application for every device. Although PWA’s are not new, their use will become much more popular in 2021.


Page interactivity will increase through using motion UI design

Motion UI makes use of visual cues to allow for web applications to respond to users, creating a more fluid and enjoyable user experience. When a user is visiting a site, they do not want to have to dig out the information they are after. Motion design helps to create an intuitive interface which suggests where users should go and which area of the page they should focus on. We are set to see much more of this in the upcoming year.


The widespread use of Blockchain

Blockchain is the most efficient method of collective and decentralised data storage. The number one advantage of Blockchain is its high level of security; there are no intermediaries between transactions as every transaction relies on a complex algorithm, therefore reducing security risks. Many multinational banks are considering the introduction of Blockchain to ensure full security for their most precious data. It is suggested by M&M that by 2025, the Blockchain market will be worth $39.9 billion – better start trying to learn this complicated system!


Native apps will dominate

Native apps are those which are already installed directly on a smartphone and can work, in majority of cases, with no internet activity depending on the apps nature. Native apps generally deliver a better user experience and a more powerful performance in comparison to hybrid apps because they are uniquely designed for specific platforms. For this reason, more businesses are investing in native apps for iOS and Android in order to provide their users with a better experience.


Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is the method to independently build and run applications and services which manage infrastructure. The application still runs on servers, but the server management is done by AWS. Theoretically, serverless applications are event-driven cloud-based systems in which application development depends upon third-party services and cloud-hosted remote procedures. The reason you will see an increase use of this in 2021 is due to its ability to reduce system overload, data loss and expensive development.

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