Three Apps to Make Travel Planning a Breeze

By: Ally Quirk

Monday, February 18, 2019

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It is officially time to start thinking about your travel plans for 2019. But with the stress and time consumption of holiday planning, where do you even begin? Let’s remove the hassle from the travel planning equation this year with three apps to make the planning just as delightful as the trip itself. Let’s dive into these apps!

Step 1: Flights
When it comes to purchasing flights, we can all become somewhat deflated. With high prices and undesirable flight times will we ever win? Take a sigh of relief with Skyscanner, the easy to use app that searches for flights within your budget. Pick your departure and arrival cities and Skyscanner does the rest! You can pick your exact flight dates or use the app’s features such as “Cheapest Month,” where it shows you the most inexpensive dates of a month or year; perfect for the flexible traveller. Skyscanner browses from a multitude of airlines to find the flight that suits your needs. Check out Skyscanner today to add some ease into your travel planning.

Step 2: Hotels
Another financial blunder when travelling is accommodation. From hotels, Airbnb’s, hostels, and more, where do we even begin? Finding the right place for the right price seems almost impossible. HotelTonight is the tool we all need in our lives to make our travels a bit easier on our budgets. This app offers heavily discounted hotel rates and especially accommodates the last-minute traveller. Book a hotel just hours in advance! Enjoy amazing deals at top hotels in a vast number of cities. If you have the flexibility, this app will be a lifesaver in your future as a traveller.

Step 3: Itinerary
You’ve booked your flights and you have a place to stay, but how will you plan your days and optimize your time as a traveller? This is where Guides by Lonely Planet comes in. This multifaceted app gives you a complete guide to whatever city your travels take you to next. This app is the ultimate resource for initial planning or deciding your itinerary is you go! Discover your city by choosing options like what to see, eat, shop, and more. These itinerary suggestions are curated by travel experts that will provide videos from all over your destination, and even suggest what to pack for your holiday. Become a master planner with the Guides app for your next trip!

Travel planning has been transformed with the technological resources we have in our world today. Travelling is supposed to be eye-opening and full of joyful experiences, so why do we stress so much about the planning? Stay under budget and stress-free while planning your holidays this year with these three apps.