The 6 Best Apps for Mental Wellbeing

By: Annabel Hudson

Monday, November 23, 2020

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Here at Pogo Studio we are passionate about everything app related. We have helped in the app development process for companies across a range of industries, and we are very aware of the many great apps which now exist. As lockdown 2.0 has sadly arrived for much of the country, we understand how difficult this time is for many people’s mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, we wanted to share a few apps which can help you through this lockdown, and beyond.


  1. Happier

Happier app logo

Happier helps individuals stay more present and positive throughout the day. The app is like your own personal mindfulness coach; not only can it lift your mood with inspiring quotes straight to your device’s home screen, but it can also clear your mind with positive meditation breaks.

Join the supportive Happier community by connecting with other users and joining their journey.

  1. Calm

Calm app logo

Whether working from home is adding excess stress into your life, or the prospect of another lockdown is causing you anxiety, Calm is available to help. The app offers a huge range of meditations, breathing programmes, sleep stories and relaxing music to take your mind away from what it is that is worrying you.

Calm was named as the 2017 App of the Year by Apple; proving how good it really is

  1. Couch to 5K

Couch to 5k app

Although not directly related to your mental health, Couch to 5K will get you up and moving which will trigger the release of endorphins and in turn positively impact your mental well-being. The app was created for beginners, so nothing to worry

about if you are new to the running scene. As we are still allowed out on walks and runs, grab your trainers and join millions of others taking the journey from their couch to a 5K over a 9-week period. Not only will your head be happy as a result, your heart will be too!

  1. Headspace

Headspace app logoThe Headspace app makes meditation simple. Give yourself the chance to learn new skills of mindfulness and mediation by simply using the app for just a couple of minutes each day. With a library of content, you can gain access to hundreds of mediations focusing on everything from stress and anxiety, to sleep and focus.

The app will also send you friendly reminders to “get some headspace” so you never forget to keep practicing mindfulness

  1. 7 Cups

7 cups app logoThis app is perfect for anyone feeling isolated or lonely during this difficult time. Whether you just want a chat or feel as though your issues are more serious, connect with one of 160,000 trained volunteer listeners and licensed therapists to help guide you through your thoughts. The app is completely confidential, anonymous and, best of all, free. A wonderful feature on the app is the option to connect with multiple users and participate in a group support chat room.

  1. OK Positive

OK Positive logoOK Positive is a business-to-business mental health app designed to reduce the effects of mental health issues in the workplace, and support users with their day-to-day mental health. Therefore, improving your mood and your productivity at work. Not only does the app offer a daily mood calendar, but it also offers mental health techniques and support, along with numerous other features.


Here at Pogo we have collaborated on various wellbeing apps, with innovators in digital healthcare like OK Positive above, and Hey Girls. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting apps to support health and wellbeing - what are your favourites? 



*All available on the IOS App Store