Pogo Success: Sage Adjusting

By: Annabel Hudson

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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After having successfully worked with Sage Adjusting in the past, their team once again approached our team here at Pogo Studio in the autumn of last year and asked us to redesign and rebuild their company website. We were thrilled to have been asked to work on this project and quickly organised our scoping session with their team. During our initial scoping sessions with clients, we aim to gain a deep understanding of the exact requirements our clients have, and to ensure both our clients team and our team are aware of the mutual expectations.


Prior to starting the project, we developed a structured timeline with various set dates that each task had to be completed by. This was a great way for our team to stay accountable, and to keep the team over at Sage Adjusting in the loop of what time each stage of the project would be finished. Additionally, throughout the duration of the project, we organised regular meetings with the Sage team. By doing so, we allowed for updates and developments regarding the project to be shared, and any questions or concerns to be appropriately dealt with.


The project was completed in January of this year and it was a great success. By the completion date we had updated the look and feel of the site, had added a bit about Sage Adjusting’s leadership, mission and values, as well as some helpful information for their clients and claimants. Both the team here at Pogo Studio and the team at Sage Adjusting were really happy with the overall result, and we wish the Sage team all the best in their future projects!


Take a look at the completed project here.


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