Pogo Studio are on G-Cloud 11

By: Jack Francis

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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We’re delighted to announce that Pogo Studio have been accepted onto the G-Cloud 11 framework to provide services to the public sector via the Digital Marketplace. With strict entry criteria for the G-Cloud 11 framework, our acceptance to the marketplace ensures our clients that we have been pre-screened. We have a range of services available on the framework this year including:

  • Mobile app design and build using native technologies such as Microsoft Xamarin for cross-platform apps
  • Hybrid web app design and build using technologies such as the Umbraco content management system for content-managed web apps
  • Content managed websites using the Umbraco content management system
  • Web applications using technologies such as ASP.NET
  • E-commerce websites with a range of options including Shopify and TeaCommerce
  • Digital consultancy and support#


We have been a supplier for several public sector bodies so far at Pogo Studio and we are excited to continue working in this space via the G-Cloud 11 Framework.