Meet the team - Jack Francis, Managing Director

By: Elaine Taylor

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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Tell us a bit about your professional background and how you ended up at Pogo Studio.

Well I did a degree in Zoology at Glasgow Uni, and in my 4th year decided I wasn’t a very good scientist. I had an idea for a social media app and managed to raise some funding with a firm down in Newcastle; we worked on that for a while and eventually it led to us becoming a software design agency. So for the past 4 years we have been designing and building apps and websites.


What’s the best thing about working for Pogo?

I think the team’s fantastic, it’s a really really good team that gels well together. And this is such a “the boss” thing to say, but we do all feel like friends.


What’s the most difficult thing about working for Pogo?

I think just due to the role I have, I there are times where I really feel the weight of responsibility. Obviously the buck stops with the CEO, so when it comes to people’s mortgages and incomes that can be a bit daunting. Of course I’m not the only person that the success or failure of the company depends on, but ultimately it’s my responsibility. There was a time when I found that quite hard, although I think I’m getting better at it. It’s just really nerve-wracking when we’re waiting to hear about big pitches now!


You have a magic wand which will transport you anywhere in the world (no covid restrictions apply) – where are you going?

Toyko – I would love to go to Japan; I just think it would be so cool to visit a place where 41 million people live, with all the different districts and cities within cities.  


Complete this sentence: Working in digital is…

…I think it’s fresh. It’s constantly changing, so it’s not like you’re working with something that stays the same all the time. It’s different and new.


You’re at the Pogo Christmas do. What’s your party trick?

Umm I can - with quite a large plastic cup - fit my massive mouth around the rim, open my gullet and drink the drink in one go. That’s my party trick.


One small mistake you made in the past, which haunts you to this day…

Accidentally leaving out half the cost of a project in a client proposal, then having to call them and explain that it would actually be double the cost – of course they weren’t happy and immediately canned the project. That wiped a huge chunk off of our forecasts in one day – which is actually more of a big mistake than a small one really. But these things happen, and we’re still here, so it’s fine.   


What’s on your bedside table right now?

Earplugs! There’s a humming noise coming from below my flat which means I can’t sleep. This has been my latest battle… I have a glass of water, but that’s about it. My girlfriend Laura has managed to domesticate me a bit; if you had asked me this 6 months ago it would have been more of a mess.


Finally: office budgie – yes or no?

Absolutely not! Horrible little creatures – imagine the smell? Nope, not for me.


Office dog yes, office cat yes, office budgie - strong nay.