Meet the team - Annabel Hudson, Marketing Intern

By: Elaine Taylor

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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Tell us a bit about your professional background and how you ended up at Pogo Studio.

Ok, so I am at University at the moment studying International Business and Marketing. Obviously at Uni I’m getting a lot of knowledge and experience, but it felt like a good idea to get some practical experience as well. I saw that somebody on my Linkedin had liked a post from Jack Francis saying that he was looking for a marketing intern, so I got in touch and we had a chat – and now here I am.


What’s the best thing about working for Pogo?

I think for me probably just how nice and relaxed everyone is, and how much flexibility I have. Everybody is welcoming and chatty – when I used to be able to join the weekly Monday meetings before my Uni schedule changed it was a nice environment to be in. I like how when I started Jack gave me credit for all my Uni learning and was happy to listen to my experience and suggestions.


What’s the most difficult thing about working for Pogo?

I think probably the fact that I haven’t met anybody in real life yet! If you have a quick question in an office it’s easy just to pop over and ask, but everything takes a bit longer because we’re all working remotely.


You have a magic wand which will transport you anywhere in the world (no covid restrictions apply) – where are you going?

Oooo that’s a good question. Two places came to mind straight away, but I’m going to say Australia. Or honestly anywhere that can provide good food, because I really miss going out for dinner!


Complete this sentence: Working in digital is…

…exciting. Just because it’s such a changing environment - even from a year ago until now it has changed so much – there’s always something new to learn.


You’re at the Pogo Christmas do. What’s your party trick?

I’ve only met a few others who can do this, but I can bend my fingers back the wrong way – all my fingers are double jointed. Does that count as a party trick?


One small mistake you made in the past, which haunts you to this day…

Haunts me?? Let me think, is there anything I’ve done that was really bad? I can’t really think of any – all of my mistakes have been just because I was a bit drunk! Can I give you a regret? I really regret not doing Higher Maths in school – as silly as that sounds, I still wish I could go back in time and study Higher Maths.


What’s on your bedside table right now?

Oh God! A red bull. A half-drunk cup of tea, my retainers, a lip balm and my earrings. Also a lamp and a photo of my sisters and my mum.


Oh I have a coaster as well. But the cup of tea isn’t on it.


Finally: office budgie – yes or no?

Yes! I would never say no to that question – imagine how fun that would be? Can budgies talk? It would spill all our secrets. I would happily have a whole zoo in the office. I’ve been