Awesome apps for social good

By: Ally Quirk

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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It is time to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to make a change in our world. Creating social
good is now as easy as a few clicks on your phone with these three apps. Take a look at these apps to
incorporate social good into your life every day, right on your phone!

Charity Miles
Charity Miles isn’t your average fitness tracker. This app allows you to raise money all while you move.
Just pick your charity and get moving! Charity Miles logs all types of activity, from walking and running
to biking and dancing. Charity Miles will measure the distance you move, and corporate sponsors give
money per mile that you can donate to your charity. Even your friends and family can sponsor you!
Choose from over 40 charities and get started today. Turn your miles into charity with Charity Miles.

GoodGuide provides consumers with the necessary information they need to make better shopping
decisions. The goal of this app is for users to choose products that contain better ingredients with fewer
health concerns, while also compelling manufacturers and retailers to sell less harmful products. Using
the GoodGuide app, you can scan the barcodes of products while you’re shopping to determine whether
it has any hidden chemicals or damaging substances. By using this app, you can prevent the number of
harmful chemicals in your own life, as well as drive manufacturers to cease production.

Reduce your waste this year with Recyclebank. Every time you help your community cut down on waste,
receive awards through the app. This may include keeping your own waste out of landfills or even just
educating yourself or others on how to recycle. The more you use the app, the more points you gain.
Use points for discounts, magazine subscriptions, or even donate your points to charity. Make a positive
change for you and your planet by going green with Recyclebank.

With apps like these on the market, there are no more excuses for creating social good. Whether you’re
tracking your fitness, learning about harmful chemicals, or reducing your carbon footprint, these are all
great ways to make an impact.