5 Reasons you should build your site in Umbraco

By: Jack Francis

Friday, July 14, 2017

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A CMS is great. A CMS stops you having to call your developer up at a silly time in the morning because you’ve realised there is a massive mistake in the copy of your site and you need to change it. A CMS puts you in control. A CMS, or Content Management System, allows the client to add and change content on the site on their own, without having to get the developers involved. Umbraco is Pogo Studio’s favourite CMS. Think Wordpress, but far superior. Here are just 5 of the reasons why we love Umbraco;

  1. It’s free – Everything in life is better when it's free. Umbraco is no different. For a hosting fee of only £25 a month, you can create a beautiful, easy to manage and slick website. Or you could have us build you an even more beautiful, easy to manage and slick website. We are very good at it and would love to help with your project.
  2. It’s built with the user in mind – In the world of development and coding, things often get pretty complicated, and people without the correct technical skills will often feel hugely disconnected from their project. Not with Umbraco. Umbraco was built so that after only a tiny bit of training, anyone can manage a site from it. Umbraco works with simplicity in mind. You start off with very basic customisability, but can build it up to fit your site. No two Umbraco experiences are the same, making managing your content a lot easier.
  3. It’s open source – as the old saying goes; “70,000 minds are better than one". Being open source means that the source code is publicly available. Any developer can contribute if they know how. Umbraco has done a wonderful job of creating a community of developers who love sharing their tweaks to the tool. The best tweaks are taken on by Umbraco as official features. Rather than having a small(ish) team of developers who will improve the platform, Umbraco has opted to tap into the mind of all of the brilliant developers out there, and you can tell.
  4. It’s secure – Having your site hacked must be any business owner’s worst nightmare. Sadly for Wordpress, security is a huge problem for them. In 2017, version 4.7.2 of Wordpress had a huge security bug in it, resulting in 1.5 million Wordpress sites being defaced. Umbraco is constantly conducting internal testing on their security, and every 6 months they have an external penetration test completed. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s site is made in Umbraco and has been hacked. If Peugeot, Heinz and Microsoft trust Umbraco, then so should you.
  5. It’s great for SEO – SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is extremely important for your site if you’re needing exposure, and Umbraco makes climbing up the Google ranks as easy as it can. For every page on your site, Umbraco allows you to attach SEO tags to it. If you don’t want to go through every page attaching tags to them, you can assign general tags to the whole site, that work for each page. You’ll be on page 1 of Google in no time.

So there are 5 reasons why we love Umbraco at Pogo Studio. We could tell you another 10 more but we wouldn’t want to waffle on too much. If you’d like to hear more about Umbraco from us, send us an email at ‘Info@pogo-studio.com’, we are a sociable bunch and would love to have a chit chat with you.