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UK Tech Blogs We Can’t Get Enough Of

19 May 2021 | Annabel Hudson

Regardless of the industry your business is based in, or the enterprise you work within, technology is bound to affect your work in some way or another.

Regardless of the industry your business is based in, or the enterprise you work within, technology is bound to affect your work in some way or another. However, as technology is advancing quicker than most of us can keep up with, reading blogs created by the best in the tech industry is a fantastic way to keep your eye on the ball. Let’s have a look at some of the best UK based tech blogs available.


Geeky Gadgets

Ronald Hutchison launched Geeky Gadgets all the way back in 2007, and the blog is still on top when it comes to inspecting everything gadget and technology related. The blog was initially launched as a place to share technology news with fellow tech enthusiasts. Now, the blog offers content related to all manners of tech, from sections on Apple and Android, to hardware and software, to gaming, and so on. This blog also offers a deal section, which is fantastic for all those keen on technology but who only have a small budget; they can scroll through this section and find great offers on everything tech. Topics range from the best new gaming PC’s, to how cloud can be used in different industries – there is something for everyone!


The Red Ferret

‘Covering the people’s tech’ in ‘a fun way’ is The Red Ferret, founded by columnist and Sunday Times feature writer, Nigel Powell. With the aim to cover the weird and wonderful side of tech, this blog avoids simply listing all the new releases or best products on the market. Instead, Nigel creates engaging and exciting posts, featuring the likes of technological trivia and topics most tech writers would never even think of (e.g., one blog post is all about the ways you can bring a goat to your virtual meetings). The Red Ferret also features numerous posts about medical technology – which makes the team here at Pogo Studio very happy as this is an industry we are very involved in! Take a look today, you might just end up reading an article about new driverless tractors, or lab created chicken nuggets.


Clove Technology Blog

Chris Love founded Clove Technology in 1992, to target the emerging mobile computing market, and the smartphone specialist company quickly created a blog to help customers get the most out of their smart devices. The blog aims to bring the most up to date news about device releases, relevant accessories and features the writers unbiased reviews on both recent and upcoming technology. Recent features have included ‘Android 10: How to Use Gestures’ and ‘5G: What It Means for UK Smartphones’.



Joseph Onibokun founded TechSling, a blog in which he goes behind the specifications and user journeys, to get to the viewpoints of the original developers. In addition to providing a source for digital news, information and resources, along with updates in tech, business education, entertainment, lifestyle and world events – the blog features interviews with app creators and product designers. Previous featured developers, innovators and experts include video game composer, Samuel Laflamme, and Leo Galley. The blog also has a really unique offering in which tech enthusiast can apply to become guest contributors, to share all of their own wisdom and knowledge! 


Here at Pogo Studio, as we love everything tech related, blogs like these are a perfect way for our team to build our knowledge and understanding of the tech world. If you would like any tech advice whether that is related to your company’s website, app, or just any tech queries in general, contact us today, we would be thrilled to hear from you!