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Top 5 Productivity Apps

21 January 2019 | Ally Quirk

Let’s face it. You weren’t as efficient in 2018 as you had hoped to be. But 2019 is here and it is time to get back on track.

Make 2019 Your Most Productive Year Yet

Let’s face it. You weren’t as efficient in 2018 as you had hoped to be. But 2019 is here and it is time to get back on track. If traditional planners and calendars failed you in years past, open your eyes to our top five productivity apps of 2019. From daily time management to planning your daughter’s birthday party, these five apps will turn your headaches into relief. Let’s take a look at these apps, shall we?


Evernote is a note taking app that has various features to brainstorm, develop ideas, and even make simple to-do lists more accessible. Some of these features include note templates to aid organization and “Spaces,” which brings a team, friends, or family together to sync up your notes and collaborate together. Evernote allows you to save and store everything from personal tidbits of your day, to important business plans, and with its sleek design anyone can become a pro. Plans include the free basic plan, the £4.99/month premium plan, and the £10.99/month business plan. Join Evernote’s 225 million users today and begin organizing your 2019.



Make your thoughts and ideas tangible this year with MindMeister. This mind mapping app allows you to see your ideas come to life in beautiful flowcharts. Brainstorm, note-take, and plan all your thoughts and tasks. Communicate your ideas with others using the collaboration feature, and then display your web of ideas in a gorgeous presentation. Manage your projects, and truly see your thought process come to life with MindMeister. Never forget an important idea this year with MindMesiter.



Trello is a task organizing app that allows you to prioritize your projects with a team or solo. Trello’s system of using boards, lists, and cards sets up your tasks in the most organized way possible, all in the palm of your hand. Under every big project, whether it be a business endeavor or a family vacation, there are sections to mark your “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” individual tasks of your larger project. You can even incorporate apps you already use to Trello to create seamless plans. Get your team on Trello for free and say goodbye to cluttered lists and miscommunication.



Mint is a personal finance and money app to help prevent any financial blunders of 2019. Seamlessly manage all of your money and financial information with Mint. Create budgets and stay on track with personalized suggestions given to you right on the app. Track all your bills, and never miss the pay date. 2019 is all about managing your productivity, and what better way to start than manage all your spending? Get started for free by using the Mint app this 2019.



With Wunderlist, you can say goodbye to traditional to-do lists forever. Wunderlist is a tool to organize and share all the lists in your life. Stop missing your deadlines in 2019 with Wunderlist as you can set reminders for every event in your life. Use Wunderlist to organize your meeting schedule, appointments, even your grocery lists. For those who tend to miss events, enjoy using the “Mail to Wunderlist” feature, where you can simply forward the email to Wunderlist and the event will appear right in the app. Organize everything in your life this January with Wunderlist to start off 2019 right.



Make your first step to better productivity this year by downloading one of these five apps. Whether you’re making a grocery list or planning a budget meeting, these are apps for all your plans this 2019.