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The best educational apps for your children.

20 July 2021 | Annabel Hudson

I am sure that many parents will understand first-hand just how disruptive the past year has been to their children’s education.

I am sure that many parents will understand first-hand just how disruptive the past year has been to their children’s education. From being taught trough online classrooms, to spending only a few hours a week in the school building, youngsters have definitely felt the effects of the pandemic. Although the summer holiday’s is a time for children to enjoy themselves, there are a huge number of apps these days that will allow them to do exactly that, while also providing them with educational resources to make up for the lost time in school. Let’s take a look at a few.


If you are looking for an easy and enjoyable way for your kids to improve their foreign language skills, Duolingo is the perfect app to do so. The app offers a variety of languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, and a few more. It is completely free to use and download, with no hidden fees. With games to test your children’s language knowledge, the app is super enjoyable and one that will keep everyone entertained while also learning! 



Programming is a must have skills for the future generations. Hopscotch is a fantastic programming app which allows kids to programme and play their own games. It is inspired by the  programming application, Scratch, which has been used by older kids for many years now, but Hopscotch allows the younger generation to have their shot at programming. The app is already loved by so many, with over 24 million downloads and 36 million games created.


Toca Lab

The perfect app for your kids to learn everything about the world of chemistry. It introduces the different elements as fun characters, whilst also introducing the concepts of what happens when they are heated, cooled, mixed and more. It is a fantastic app to build a ground level understanding of chemistry and science.


Khan Academy Kids

Khan academy is an app which features a collection of educational courses for all ages, but it also has an app specifically for youngsters which focuses on maths, reading and social and emotional skills. With an infinite number of learning videos, digital books and engaging exercises, it really is a fantastic app to get your kids learning about a range of topics.



Hopster has been described as “educational kids’ TV” because it hosts a collection of familiar cartoons and shows, including Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and so on, accompanied by fun learning games on topics such as maths as physics. This is the app for those kids that don’t want to take their eyes off the cartoons.


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