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The Benefits of Using Paid Search Advertising

18 January 2021 | Annabel Hudson

Here at Pogo Studio, we are starting to look into implementing paid search and paid advertisements into our marketing strategy.

Here at Pogo Studio, we are starting to look into implementing paid search and paid advertisements into our marketing strategy. Therefore, we have been conducting research on the benefits of doing so and thought it would be a great idea to share our findings with our readers. Let’s take a look at a few of the main benefits:


Helps Generate More Qualified Leads

Paid search ads help small business bring in more leads to their websites, and more specifically, these leads tend to be more relevant. With paid ads, you are strategically targeting an audience and customer type who is most likely going to be more interested in your brand. This therefore means that the traffic driven to your site from these ads is more qualified.


Improves Brand Recognition

When your company’s ad appears on search engine results pages such as Google it will improve your brands awareness over time. Not every search engine user will click on an ad when it appears on your search engine results. However, the more often they see this ad when they search for the related industry keywords, the more often they will be exposed to your brand name and site link. This can greatly improve the brand recognition and can help encourage future sales.


Excellent for Local Search

Paid search advertising is an excellent way to target local traffic, especially for many small businesses looking to target customers who are in close proximity. When search engines are used by individuals to search shops nearby, they will likely see your paid advertisement at the top of the search engine. This should include the main details of your organisation, allowing them to call or find directions directly to your store.


Allows for Easy Measurability

A significant benefit of paid search advertising run through Google Ads (or any search engine equivalent) is that it is super easy to measure and track. Through using the Google Ads tool in combination with Google Analytics, you can gain great insights regarding the results of your campaign. The data from Google Analytics will show a range of details, including impressions, clicks, and conversions, and it is an excellent way to keep track of your campaigns success. 


Works Very Well with Other Marketing Channels

Paid search advertising can work very well in conjunction with other marketing strategies, including search engine optimisation (SEO). Paid search and SEO work well together because impressions and opportunities for traffic are often targeted at the same audience – the people using the search engine to find information. The performance data found from using paid search can provide great insight and direction for where to prioritise SEO efforts.


Here at Pogo Studio we specialise in creating websites and apps. If you need any help creating the perfect website to use alongside your paid search advertising, contact us today.