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The benefits of flexible working

06 July 2023 | Robin Walsh

In a world where flexible working is becoming increasingly popular, we wanted to examine the benefits of working from home.

In today’s modern society the utilisation of traditional methods in day-to-day business operations is becoming increasingly less popular. The technological takeover, in addition to the importance of a manageable work life balance, has put different techniques of employment into the spotlight. Flexible working has become a commonly demonstrated method in the world of business; particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant need for adaptation. Pogo Studio is no exception and offers its employees complete flexibility in their working day, giving them the ability to work from home, in the office or even from another country. Allowing people to tailor their week to their needs and preferences has a number of benefits for both employees and employers, which we will take a look at below.

1. An improved work-life balance

The ability to find an ideal balance between your life at work and life at home is a task that can be challenging. Flexible working provides more control over time management and working environment, giving employees the opportunity to work in a way that suits their individual needs. Although many employers may perceive this as an opportunity to avoid work, this is not the case! The subsequent improvements in motivation and productivity of a well-rounded work-life balance can be significant. With potential for less commuting demands and time management headaches, flexible working can bolster efficiency. This leads to a more attractive working environment that will spread a sense of trust and boost the culture within your business.

2. Cost effective

Flexible working offers employers and opportunity to reduce their costs. Technology has revolutionised the ways employees work and the requirement of professionals to be in an office is often no longer relevant. With a laptop and the use of internet generally being all that is necessary, money spent on office space, travel, and energy does not need to be substantial.

3. Attractive to candidates

Considering the competitiveness of today’s job market, addressing skill shortages and selecting the correct candidate can be a difficult task. The advertisement of flexible working can be a decisive factor in attracting talent that suits employers’ desires and is effective in setting you apart from your competitors. The adaptability and flexibility that organisations offer can assist in employee loyalty and allow for efficient response to change.

Flexible working is an ever-growing concept across various industries, with many benefits to business culture and operations. Although not for everyone, the opportunities that the implementation of flexible working can have throughout an organisation is significant and could be a crucial factor in the development of your business.