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One Year At Pogo

07 September 2023 | Kate Ballantyne

To mark the grand occasion of one year at Pogo Studio, I thought I would highlight some of the best experiences I've had so far.

Coming out of university and starting work has been a huge learning curve, but I couldn’t think of a better organisation to be part of during this process.

1. Skill development – the Pogo team have been amazing in enabling me to grow my skillset, whether it’s through online classes, networking events or allowing me to take on a qualification at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Working for an organisation that invests in its employees in this way is a blessing, and I have greatly enjoyed taking my marketing skills to the next level.

2. Working on new pilots – on the healthcare side of things I’ve been lucky to have been involved in several of our newer projects, including the Life After Stroke pathway and our latest pilot using Tailored Talks in Lanarkshire. It’s been great to work with our partners, to see how these projects are handled across the team, and to learn how new products are developed.

3. Travelling – as part of my role I’ve been lucky to be able to attend various events and conferences, from Glasgow to Barcelona. It’s been great to talk to new people about what we do, both internationally and closer to home, and to have the chance to explore new places at the same time.

4. The Team – having a good team really does make such a difference, and the Pogo team has been one of the best. Being a smaller team creates room for collaboration across all departments, which has given me an insight into different roles and skills. Entering the world of work can be scary, but throughout my first year I have always been supported by my colleagues, and it’s been a pleasure to contribute to Pogo’s successes and to have some fun along the way.

All in all it’s been a great year and I’m excited to see what’s in store next!