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Nogo Pews

22 July 2022 | Elaine Taylor

No, we haven't suddenly lost the ability to write; it's just spoonerism day :-)

22nd July is - among other celebrations - spoonerism day. Spoonerisms are a quirk of language where two or more letters get transposed; often to humorous effect. And yes, we did have to google that!  

So we thought it would be fun to share some Pogo news in spoonerism, to keep us all amused and up to date. 

Here wiring!

That's right, we're hiring! As we grow and our team evolves, we are looking for an experienced .NET developer. This is an exciting time to join us, as we are all set for our next phase of rapid growth over the next 6 to 12 months.

Benefits of working at Pogo include (but are not limited to) a competitive salary package, generous holiday entitlement, income protection, cycle to work scheme and mental health support. Also hilarious team chat, nights out, and the occasional insoluble mystery (see below). Click here to find out more about the role we're looking to fill. 

Pireland Itch

Our Account Director Zoe recently gave a pitch to an audience from Ireland, among whom were clinicians from Irish hospitals who have expressed an interest in our information sharing system Tailored Talks.

Tailored Talks is currently being rolled out across Scotland to stroke and neurology clinicians, with a pilot of the system due to start in NHS Dorset in the next weeks. This could be the early signs of an opportunity to move into the Republic of Ireland. Exciting stuff, and we will share more details as they become available. 

Scread Hatcher

And finally... It's a head scratcher indeed. Last Friday five of the team arrived to a gleaming office, hoovered, polished and tidied. Being used to working in, let's say a creative environment, this came as a welcome surprise and we all looked forward to heartily thanking the colleague responsible. 

One by one we checked with the team, and although Zoe and Lee had taken the bins out the night before, nobody admitted to picking up the hoover and duster to achieve such a lovely clean. This remains a mystery, and a week on we still have absolutely no idea who cleaned the office. Do we have elves...?

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Linkedin for more Pogo news in due course.