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Jack Fisher: New Board Member

26 September 2022 | Kate Ballantyne

We are delighted to announce a promotion within the team: our Operations Director Jack Fisher was recently made a member of the board here at Pogo Studio! It is always exciting to see both the company grow, as well as growth within the company, and we wish Jack all the best in this next step.

What will the new role entail?

So I’ll still be Operations Director and handling the same things day to day, but as a board member I’ll get a say in big decisions, I’ll be reporting my opinions back to the board and working more on business strategy. Ultimately, I’ll have more of a role in helping to drive our overall business goals.

What have been the best moments of your Pogo Experience so far?

I think all the opportunities I’ve had. It’s been great working in a small company like this, the roles aren’t as boxed in or structured like they are in larger companies, so I’ve been able to try out a lot of different things. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility as well, it’s good to be pushed out of my comfort zone.

Where do you see Pogo going in the next five years?

Oof – that’s a big question. Well, the overall plan is to grow the company, first nationwide and then hopefully internationally. But I prefer to focus on more short-term goals, so we’ll see what happens.

What are you most excited about going forward?

I’m excited about the new challenges. It’s an opportunity to grow within my career and stumble my way through things until I get good at them. I like to just give things a go and see how I get on.

What’s the best part of working for Pogo?

I like the fact that it’s small, and for that reason the team is super close. Everyone is very friendly, there’s a really nice culture and atmosphere, it’s not too corporate. It’s great that everyone is on the same team.