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I want to ride my bicycle

04 August 2022 | Elaine Taylor

It's 4th August - national cycle to work day. Hear what the team at Pogo have to say about their commutes to work and the benefits of cycling...

Pogo takes part in the cycle to work scheme, meaning that our team can buy themselves a bike for commuting and leisure purposes. A few of them use their bikes regularly to get into the office; here's what two of them have to say about their commutes and cycling in general. 

Zoe Strong - Account Director

"I cycle because it means that I can spend longer in bed (and I love sleeping) as it's far quicker than walking, taking the bus or driving and less sweaty than running. I also like it because it wakes me up in the morning and - if I remembered to turn on my Garmin to track it- so that it counted - must also burn off a few calories too."

Elaine Taylor - Head of Product

"I cycle the 4 miles from home to the tram stop when I come into the office; it's nice to get a bit of fresh air in the mornings and it's definitely the most time-efficient way to get to work. It's good to feel like you're doing your bit for the environment as well - just have to hope you don't get soaked! I'm not a natural cyclist; I'm hypermobile so my balance can be a bit ropey and I get tired and sore easily. I use an ebike which has been a game changer for me - I finally understand why people love cycling."

The health benefits of cycling can be considerable. According to research, maintaining fitness with cardio activities such as cycling can lead to a 60% reduction in the risk of stroke. Keeping fit and physical activity after stroke are among the topics included in the slide library for our information sharing system Tailored Talks. Visit our digital healthcare site if you would like to read more about how we are supporting clinicians to share personalised medical information. 

And finally... The team have been toying with the idea of doing a sponsored bike ride along the Union Canal from Edinburgh to Glasgow some day. Give us a follow on our Twitter and Linkedin to see if we can make it happen.