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How You Can Create Your Dream Home Office

28 January 2021 | Annabel Hudson

Although there are many perks about working from home, here at Pogo Studio we are all excitedly anticipating the day we can finally get back to the office after COVID-19.

Although there are many perks about working from home, here at Pogo Studio we are all excitedly anticipating the day we can finally get back to the office after COVID-19. When that day finally comes, we are looking to upgrade our office space, and the team have some really ambitious dreams of what we want to have there; here are our requirements so far…


  • Pool table / table tennis for weekly tournaments (inc. trophies).
  • Beer taps.
  • City views.
  • Easy access to a body of swimmable open water.
  • Free canteen with a dedicated chef.
  • Unlimited pick n mix.
  • A jukebox with which to troll Darren (with what he will inevitably consider to be inferior music choices).
  • A personal barista.
  • Friendly dogs.
  • Safe bike storage.
  • Everybody gets a window seat and individual heating controls.
  • A working bar that serves pink cocktails.
  • Meditation / nap room.
  • Big telly in the breakout room with a Nintendo Switch (note from Elaine – require Just Dance for the Switch).
  • Tropical fish.
  • And finally, in a spectacular suggestion from our Chairman Neil which I think we can all get on board with - moving the office to Tuscany and implementing mandatory 2 hour antipasti lunches.


Well, we can dream… But while we are all still working from home, let’s take a look at a few ways which you can upgrade your home office space to maximise your productivity and comfort.



Although having suitable furniture for your home office sounds like a given, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is suggested that over 25% of people are working from their beds. Not only does working from your bed reduce productivity, but it also impacts your sleeping habits as your brain starts to associate your bed with work rather than sleep. Start with a great desk which suits your needs, if you only ever require one small laptop to do all your work, have a look at a smaller more compact desk; if you need two monitors, a laptop and multiple books, have a look at getting a larger desk with some built in storage. Also make sure to look for a desk which you like, it is always good to enjoy the space you work in. Additionally, get yourself a nice and comfortable office chair, given the amount of time you will be spending sitting on this chair, it should be comfortable and supportive; no one wants a bad back!



Having suitable lighting in your home office sounds strange, but the quantity and quality of light has a stimulating and motivating effect on the human body. Research has shown that productivity under daylight is much higher than when using artificial light, therefore, if your home office allows it, place your desk under or near the window and take full advantage of the natural light. If you are not able to be close to the window, invest in an excellent light and lightbulb. Experts recommend purchasing a light which is easy to move, therefore you can adjust the brightness when it suits you, and also invest in a daylight bulb, these mimic the effect of natural daylight; reducing stress and improving productivity.



It is a good idea to think about replicating some of the accessories/decor that you have in your normal office, to make the home office feel even more like a working space. Have a look at getting a nice big calendar which allows you to keep track of everything which is going on; it can be easy to forget when meetings and calls are taking place when your colleagues are not there to remind you. Additionally, buy a few plants, your body will normally be used to getting outside during your commute to and from work, so make sure you bring some outside in – it is also been suggested that plants can help lift your mood and keep you inspired throughout the day.


Whether you are working from home full-time, part-time or just during COVID-19 lockdowns, having a well-designed, separate workspace is essential to staying productive and maximising efficiency. As we now know at Pogo Studio, having your own business while working from home can be stressful and difficult, if you ever require any extra help when it comes to your business website or app, contact us today and we would be happy to help.