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Happy Birthday Pogo!

12 August 2021 | Elaine Taylor

It's Pogo Studio's 5th birthday today!

It's Pogo Studio's 5th birthday today!

This means that among various project and sales calls, proposal documents, spreadsheets and of course coding, we have been celebrating with what is quite possibly the world's most outrageously decadent chocolate cake. At a rough estimate we reckon that about 85% of the calories our MD Jack Francis has consumed today have been in birthday cake format. 

Watch this space for an update on our birthday celebrations ,which are set to include a team dinner and drinks at some point in the future, yet to be defined when we manage to align our diaries. 

Just for fun, here are a few of our favourite memories from the last 5 years: 

- Winning contracts for Tailored Talks with NHS Lothian. 

- The night out in London where Darren tried to claim he wasn't drunk after 8 pints. 

- Our first ever sale to a recruitment company, when Jack Francis stepped in before one colleague (who shall not be named) gave it away for free. 

- Moving into our fabulous Edinburgh Castle-view offices in Codebase.

- Sprinting through London in the height of summer, to meetings on one side of the city when Lee had booked a hotel on the other side.