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Client Spotlight - Fischy Music

21 August 2023 | Kate Ballantyne

This month we are delighted to feature our client Fischy Music as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

We are so fortunate to have access to your music and I can honestly say it has impacted so many children. My daughter has suffered greatly with anxiety, and Fischy Music songs and the messages they send have really motivated her and bring her so much joy. I couldn’t be more grateful as a parent.” – Parent and user of Fischy Music

Focusing on the emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing of children through song, Scottish charity Fischy Music  use music as a medium to educate, encourage and support young people as they grow. Fischy songs foster a healthy state of mind in children and help them in expressing and handling their emotions. The aim of the music is to allow children to celebrate good times, as well as help them to build resilience during challenging periods. We are delighted to support Fischy as this year they reach their 25th anniversary, which they will be celebrating with concerts across Scotland this September.

Fischy works both in-person, through festivals, concerts, workshops and collaborative projects, as well as online, through streaming services and virtual concerts. Fischy Music is incorporated into school curriculums in order to reinforce learning, as well as to support children with loss, grief and mental health issues. The charity puts an admirable focus on accessibility and inclusivity, with songs including sign language and actions. The music resources have also been designed to engage with children who may have additional support needs, who struggle with language barriers or who find socialising more challenging.

At Pogo we have been thrilled to work with Fischy for four years, helping them to create their website and song-streaming platform: Fischy Music Online. The streaming platform allows different organisations like schools, churches and community groups to gain access to songs, audio tracks and other learning resources. The site benefits both children and teachers, and has attracted audiences from all across the world.

Your songs are built into the everyday lives of many of our children in the primary department at our school. They give reassurance, stability and develop emotional intelligence not to mention generate great enjoyment too.” – Head Teacher

We value our clients immensely, and working with Fischy Music has been a pleasure. We are delighted to support such an inspirational organisation and have helped produce a service that can directly benefit the wellbeing of children. Judith from Fischy music explains how our work has benefitted the organisation:

“When we started working with Pogo, our website was dated, and our streaming platform was unreliable. We needed a platform that gave us and our customers confidence and simplified the subscribing process, with opportunities to build better relationships with subscribers throughout the year.

Pogo listened to us and tailor-made a website, ordering system and streaming platform that met our exact requirements. As a small charity, with limited resources, it has helped enormously to streamline all the behind-the-scenes processes, like following up orders and adding content. Pogo are always quick to respond if we ask for advice or need support, so not only do we have a really reliable website, but we are also trained in how best to use and develop it.”

 To learn more about Fischy Music and Fischy Music Online, check out their website:


Find dates for Fischy Music’s 25th anniversary concerts and book tickets here: