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Client Spotlight - Care Visions Fostering Scotland

19 July 2023 | Kate Ballantyne

This week we’re putting the spotlight on one of our amazing clients – Care Visions Fostering Scotland – and taking a look at the brilliant work they do.

“Care Visions I felt from the outset gave me the most information. I think the big thing for me was it was very clear that they not only looked after the children were in care; they also looked after their Foster Carers, and I think that's a big selling point for me and that's proven to be the case.

You know what your skills are, where your strengths and weaknesses are, and I think for an agency to work with you on that at the beginning gave me a lot of confidence that I could work with them going forward. It has to be a partnership to work.”

- Karen, foster carer with Care Visions Fostering Scotland

Encompassing the values of compassion, integrity, respect and safety, Care Visions Fostering Scotland provides a vital service and contributes to positive outcomes for young people in Scotland, helping them thrive and reach their full potential in a safe, loving and supportive homes. The organisation supports children, young people and foster carers across Scotland, part of which involves guiding and supporting potential foster carers throughout their journey to becoming carers, and after their approval. They provide training, support, short-break and longer-term fostering options in order to help encourage the right people into these valuable roles. In doing so, Care Visions helps support and care, not only for children and young people, but for Carers as well.

We’ve been working with Care Visions for around six years now, and we are honoured to have been part of the website design for their fostering service. The site facilitates the organisation’s work in progressive care, and in helping provide safe, positive environments for children and young people. The site provides information about the journey to becoming a foster carer, a vital and valued role that enables better care for children and young people to best meet their needs.

As a digital agency, Pogo Studio are delighted to have built a website with such an important function. As well as everything you need to know about fostering, the site includes a blog page, which shares the inspiring stories of carers, provides information and fostering tips, and celebrates achievements in fostering. Providing support at the ground-level and helping to give confidence to existing and potential carers is crucial in fostering, and Care Visions do it best. Karen, a foster carer encompasses this in her quote above.

We are proud to work with organisations that make a difference, and Care Visions Fostering Scotland certainly does that. We thoroughly encourage anyone considering foster care to check them out, and we look forward to continuing working with them. Geoff from Care Visions Fostering Scotland tells us how the website benefits the organisation:

“Our website is a vital tool in allowing us to do what we do. This can be things like celebrating success and achievements in fostering, giving Foster Carers a platform to share their experiences, and showing how fostering can make a real positive difference to the lives of children and young people across Scotland. The website is particularly important when it comes to Foster Carer recruitment. Nearly all our enquiries are channelled through our site via the contact form, and we process information from there. We also make good use of the blog section, information pages through the top navigation, and we are building an information hub with our digital media partners which will make it easier for those interested to find out more about things like training and support available. Pogo Studio have been responsive with requests for support which is always really appreciated.