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4 Thing Your Website Needs to Be Successful

16 December 2020 | Annabel Hudson

When starting a business, the creation and launch of the website can often be one of the most stressful steps.

When starting a business, the creation and launch of the website can often be one of the most stressful steps. It is not only your organisation’s online base, but also a significant piece of the platform which supports your business in its growth. There are a few crucial features your website should have to encourage success and improve the overall performance of your site. Read on to find out exactly what these are:


Easy Navigation

It is absolutely crucial for users to be able to easily navigate and make their way around your site. Think of your site as a set of directions, the clearer these are, the easier it is for users to find the information they want. Research conducted by Forrester Research has shown that 50% of potential sales are lost as a direct result of site users being unable to find the right information. Thus, it is evident that a site which is easy to navigate encourages customers to make purchases.


Contact Information

It is very important that every site includes a contact page or clearly displayed contact details for site users to utilise if they wish. This page should include an up-to-date telephone number and an email address, as well as potential links to social media accounts if they are regularly used. Here at Pogo Studio, we have a very clear contact page on our website which can be accessed via the navigation bar. We also have our contact details at the bottom of all our pages to ensure users never have to hunt for them.  


‘About Us’ Page

It is necessary to have a well-written ‘About Us;’ page on your website. This tends to be the most visited page on any site; therefore, the content must be very clear so the user fully understands your company and can connect with your brand. Within this section, you must include exactly what your business, your site, your products and your service can do for the user.


Mobile Friendly Experience

Over half of internet traffic now comes from mobile phone users, and subsequently, it is vital that organisations have a website which is compatible for mobile phone use. In 2015, Google updated its SEO algorithm to include mobile responsiveness. Which means that if your website is not mobile friendly, but your competitors are, they will show up in Google search results before you do. To add to this, users can become increasingly frustrated when looking at a website which is not compatible with their mobile, and no one ever wants an unhappy customer.


Here at Pogo Studio we focus on the creation and building of excellent websites. If you need help designing and building your dream website, contact us today.