Why Working In STEM Is So Great

By: Annabel Hudson

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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It is that time of year again; graduation is approaching for many young university students, and school pupils are deciding which career path they will take upon finishing their studies. This can be daunting, as many young people are unsure on the route they want to take. The STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industry is a fantastic option for both experienced and first time workers. With so much to offer, you could be working on finding a cure for cancer or coding the next big social media platform. Let’s have a look at why the STEM industry is so great.


You Will Be Involved in Cutting Edge Research and Work

As mentioned, the STEM industry is very broad. It consists of civil engineers, software developers, chemists, roboticists, mathematicians, among many others . Each of these occupations is individually responsible for expanding our understanding of the world and universe around us. For example, STEM professionals are the ones who built the Hubble Telescope to explore our universe; manufactured medicines to cure illnesses and created the internet and all of our favourite social media sites. No matter the industry, they all require the help of STEM professionals in some way or another; so, there is always something new, exciting and ground-breaking to get involved in.


Your Basic Skills Won’t Become Obsolete

Although technology is ever progressing, the basic principles of it tend to stay the same. There will always be a demand for math, research, etc. As STEM professionals usually have a basic knowledge regarding scientific method, computers, report writing, critical analysis and much more, they are valuable no matter how the world around us progresses and innovates. STEM professionals are ready to adapt quickly and frequently, meaning there will always be a need for their expertise.


Job Satisfaction and Enjoyment

As we all know, when you are more likely to enjoy your job when you are satisfied with it. According to The Science Times, those who have STEM careers tend to have higher job satisfaction, thus are more likely to enjoy their job than those in other industries. A key contributor to this feeling is the positive impact STEM professionals have on the world around them - coupled with relatively high salaries and the fantastic opportunity for job growth and professional development.


A more diverse work force

Working within a diverse environment provides the opportunity to learn more about the world and people around you, and the STEM industry is the best place to do so. Recent studies have shown that the STEM classes and careers are the most ethnically diverse. This means that through pursuing a career in STEM, there is increased employment opportunity for women and those from diverse ethnicities. 


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